All-rounder air curtain

Contur is the all-rounder door air curtain with a frame construction. With natural anodised profiles and a COANVARA Flow discharge system, it can be used in almost every entry area. Installation-ready unit for 4 different installation variants: free-hanging in visible areas, flush with the ceiling, for installation in suspended ceilings or as a floor mounted vertical unit. The wide choice of RAL colours for the housing enables the unit to fit superbly in existing entry areas. Suitable for different heating media – also for operation purely with recirculating air.

We have two different variants for the suspended version: The standard air roll (SLW) is for smaller to mid-sized entrances with a balanced pressure ratio. The reversed air roll (ULW) is for larger doors and difficult entry situations. In the SLW, the ambient air intake is on the room side and the air discharge directly at the door. In contrast, in the ULW version, the mixed air intake is by the door and the air discharge on the room side. The floor mounted vertical unit is installed at the side – to the left or to the right of the door (one side or both sides). The airflow is straight or at 90°. The air exits via the Coanvara discharge nozzle, a multi-nozzle system with optimised, drop-shaped profiles. Using the Coanda effect to bring the individual streams together results in a very broad, homogenous air stream. The purposely long profiles, which are parallel and steplessly adjustable in both directions (up to 40°), act as a flow straightener. This ensures the stream mixing factor remains low, as desired. The selected discharge temperature is carried far down to the floor, effectively preventing the room from cooling down. This means the discharged air is heated less than it would have been if a conventional air curtain had been used.

Connection-ready door air curtain unit with a frame construction (natural anodised profiles, rounded or with corners). Powder-coated sheet steel housing. Screws are not visible. Available in RAL 9010 (pure white). Other colours are available on request. Profiled intake grille made of natural anodised aluminium, with a reusable filter behind it. Heating and electrical connections can be made either from above (right-left) or from the side, or, for the floor mounted vertical unit, from above or below.

Heat exchangers for different heating media
LPHW: for normal temperature LPHW 70/50 °C or low-temperature LPHW 60/40 °C, other temperatures available on request. DX: DX register soldered under nitrogen for operation with heat pumps (for heating and cooling modes). High-quality heat exchanger made from copper tubes, with pressed-on, extra-strong aluminium fins.
ELECTRO: 3-stage heat exchanger 400 V, spiral form, corrosion resistant, with thermal overheating protection and switch-off delay. Recirculating air operation without heating is possible.

Equipped with individually-driven, efficient, ErP compliant, AC radial fans from ebm-papst as standard. These can intake air in both directions, are maintenance free, have vibration-free bearings and come with integrated thermal contacts for motor protection. Can also be supplied with EC fans on request. The fans are located on a motor plate, which (after opening the inspection panel) can be pulled out downwards.

The suspended version is easy to install thanks to grooved tracks with sliding M10 blocks on the top of the unit. For the floor mounted vertical unit there are four M12 holes in a reinforced floor junction plate, to be bolted directly to the finished flooring. Grooved tracks on the rear of the unit enable trouble-free fixation to prevent the unit from tipping over.

Profiled intake grille made of natural anodised aluminium, with a reusable filter. Can be removed without tools for easy cleaning. Inspection panel closed and secured with a casement fastener (hinges on one side) – easy to open.

Electronic TEKADOOR GTC AC control unit, multifunctional with touch display, including an optional ModBus interface
A GTC 1 AC control unit is used as standard for models with LPHW heating. A GTC E AC control unit is used for models with electrical heating. The units come with 20 m preassembled and shielded data cable. The GTC 1 AC 5-stage control unit includes the ability to switch from manual to automatic and from summer mode to winter mode as standard. A solenoid valve of up to 2.5 A can be connected as an option for the winter mode. With the standard GTC E AC control unit, the airflow can be selected manually in 5 stages and the heating capacity – depending on the fan level – can be selected manually in 3 stages. Each control unit includes a manual to automatic mode switch and a potential-free contact for enabling via any on-site BMS or BEMS. A choice of 5-stage fan operation is offered as standard. A maximum of 10 units can be connected in parallel.

  • Made in Germany
  • ErP conform
  • Certified by TÜV-Süd
  • Individual colours – standard RAL colours available
  • Individual unit lengths up to 3000 mm
  • Individual installation of accessories
  • Coanvara discharge nozzle for effective shielding and heating
  • Large throw distance, low noise, broader and more stable airflow
  • SLW or ULW versions
  • 4 installation types
  • Simple to install